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DG Export/Import steps VxVM

Created: 06 Apr 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments


I am trying to do DG export/Import from one server to another server. LUNS are coming from DMX3000 Storage and i have mapped and masked same LUN on both servers..Can any one please send me the setps for DG export/Import..

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Sajid Iqubal

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the procedure would be very straightforward.  export from one server, import it from another server,  as long as both server can see the LUN.

another couples of things need attention are

make sure you are running the same versions of vxvm on both server, the dg created under a higher version vxvm, can not be imported under a lower version vxvm.

better to provide a mechanism to prevent LUN being seen by both servers at the same time, just in case both servers try to access data simultaneously to corrupt data.

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 #vxdg deport dgname
another host

#vxdg -C import  dgname

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As mentioned by Alex above,  -C import option would be good to use to clear host reservation tag.... & I would also recommend to see if Luns are visible from both the servers as it might generate chance to accidently initialize the disk from both the nodes & thus corrupting the contents...

Hope this helps..


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