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dialog workflow component question

Created: 17 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
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I have a task component in my workflow that assigns to a specific group under 'task assignments'.  On the event configuration tab, start process, I have started an embedded decision model to send an email to someone (To: is hard coded).  What I would like to do is send the email to each user that belongs to the group I specified in the task assignments.  Can this be done within an embedded model and how would I accomplish this?


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reecardo's picture

Quick way of the top of my head... you'll need the Group ID first, so assuming you have the Group Name, use the Get Group By Name component to fetch the Group ID.

With the Group ID, call the Get Users In group component, passing the Group ID is input. This returns a string array of all user emails in that group.

Once you have the result array, loop through it using a For Each Element In Collection and use a Send email to send the email.

Another option is to just use a distribuion group email address (if one is set up) for a particular group.

Hope this helps.

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Reecardo is right. Using the Get Users in Group component, configured with the GroupId would work.

One suggestion - After using the "Get Users In Group" component, instead of using a For Each Element In Collection to loop through each of the user e-mails, you can add an array of e-mail addresses to the send e-mail component.

Doing this would allow you to add the array of e-mail addresses to a single component, and all users would get the same e-mail.

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"Quick and dirty" screenshot of my suggestion (though just providing the array to one Send Email comp  like specified above would work as well - no need to loop)


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Outstanding.  Seems to have worked.  the only thing I don't quite understand is how the output of <variable>.groupid in 'Get Users in Group' translates to an email address?