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Difference between DLP Standard and DLP Suite?

Created: 01 Dec 2010 • Updated: 09 Dec 2010 | 11 comments
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I've been searching all the DLP documents in the DLP section of partnernet and I just can't seem to find a document that outlines the differences between DLP Standard and DLP Suite.

I found some information regarding DLP Standard:

Product Name

Product Functionality

Licensing Requirements

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Standard

Blocks files copied to USB or other removable media devices, burned to CD/DVDs, transferred over e-mail, IM or FTP, copied or pasted, and printed or faxed electronically.

A cross-grade SKU exists for customers who purchase Data Loss Prevention Standard to purchase Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent for more comprehensive features. This license-only upgrade is seamless for the customer to upgrade.

Requires Enforce Platform be installed.

Requires Oracle Database be licensed and installed.

Not available for purchase with the following DLP products:

  1. Network Monitor
  2. Network Prevent for Web
  3. Network Prevent for Email
  4. Network Discover
  5. Data Insight
  6. Network Protect
  7. Endpoint Prevent
  8. Endpoint Discover

What's the difference with Suite?

Also, is it that if I have a single standard license then I can only use one module (endpoint/network/storage) and that I'd need 3 licences to use all 3? I've been looking for this information for quite some time now and I've come up blank.

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DLP standard is Endpoint Prevent/Discover only and non of the other suites.  A starting part for smaller companies or companies w/ a lower budget.

The whole suite are all of the products...  If you have DLP Standard and want to add the additional modules you just add the new licenses.

Though I could be all wrong

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Ahh...I see, I see. I'll mark it as the solution once I get some kind of confirmation. It's really been puzzling me since we got the NFR bundle to demo it.

Just to confirm though, based on what you're saying then, one Standard license would be able to use all 3 products, but I'd just have to buy those extra licenses?

Can anyone confirm this?

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SymcDLP Standard is an endpoint only solution. You cannot add Network Monitor, Network Prevent or Network Discover products. You will have a simple license "DLP Standard".

The required kits and patches are the same. If you want other products you can simply add another licenses.

I think that the attached PDF will better help you :).

DLP_Standard2.pdf 59.71 KB
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Thanks to both of you =)

The attachment was really helpful Stefan!

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I wonder if you have found some significant functional differences between DLP Standard and Full version? For example, is DLP Standard being managed by Symantec Protection Center? or another example: Stefan attached the PDF with comparative table. There's "Advanced fingerpring detection" not available for Standard. What does 'Advanced' mean?


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It depends on what is significant to you. If you need AD Lookup then this a significant difference. I haven't play to much with DLP Standard to be honest but the differences listed in that PDF should be enough.

If you want something more specific please let me know and I'll try to test it out.

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here you go:

  • does DLP Standard being managed via SPC?
  • does it monitor Windows Server2003 or 2008?
  • PDF/Image monitoring;
  • does it monitor web-publishing (I think yes)?


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I'm not sure about SPC...I've never used it before =/

For Windows Server 2003/2008, I figure it can monitor it as long as it has the DLP agent on it. There's no reason for it not to.

I know it can monitor PDF's if they are in text mode, not image mode though. It can't monitor the contents of images but it can identify and block image filetypes.

I'm also pretty sure it can do web publishing as that tends to use protocols like HTTP, HTTPS and FTP which it can monitor.

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Well based on what I gather so far, the big difference is just the starting point. Apparently you can unlock any service available in the Suite in the Standard by applying the relevant license.

I guess you get all the licenses at a better rate when you get the suite rather than getting Standard and adding everything separately.

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If you apply another license over DLP Standard and restart the server you will see that the management interface menu bar has changed (removed the Standard text) and from that point the DLP will be Suite. You don't need to be able to add all servers to have a suite! If you cad add something other than Endpoint Server you have a DLP Suite.

xlloyd's picture I understand =]

When I applied my license, it added DLP Standard, Endpoint, Network, and Storage all at once so I guess that's why I didn't notice the change in hte interface and stuff.

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