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difference between error code 90 and 2

Created: 22 Feb 2014 • Updated: 09 Mar 2014 | 4 comments
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Can anybody explain me when the backup jobs get failed with error 90 and when backup job gets failed with error code 2. In both cases I am taking backup for flat files

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Please see all netbackup status code Chart

Status Code Chart
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The difference between the two...

2 - None of the requested files were backed up.  Typically seen in Catalog, SQL and Lotus notes database agents when all the backups that are job related have failed.  Most common scenario I see is when the hot catalog backup is doing validation of the Sybase Database piece (NBDB), if the validation fails, the backup would exit with a status 2.

I wouldn't expect a flat file backup to get a status 2.  That's pretty unusual (probably bpbkar should be checked).

90 - Media manager (bptm or bpdm) received no data when it performed a backup.  Normally seen when running incremental backups and no files have changed since the previous backup.

Please see the NetBackup Status Codes Reference Guide. The 7.5 version is available at:

*** The guide has additional suggestions and comments.

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I agree with Deb Wilmot. 
In my 15 years with NBU I have only seen status 2 with Database policies. In particular Hot Catalog backups and MS-SQL.

Another reason for Status 90 is where an entire volume exists in Exclude List.
So, if you have ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES in Backup Selection with 'Allow multiple data streams' in policy Attributes, you need to specify drive letter to be excluded (X for example) as follows:

In addition to Status Code explanation on Symantec Web site and the Status Code manual, you can also lookup status codes on your master server.
In the GUI, you will find a Troubleshooter button in Activity Monitor when you open the failed job.
You can also use bperror from cmd:
bperror -S <status code> -r
(command is in <install-path>\veritas\netbackup\bin)

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