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Difference between PGP Key Server and PGP universal Server

Created: 09 Apr 2011 | 2 comments


 I am new to PGP Desktop Email product. We would like to develop PGP destop email for our company so that our company users can send & receive encrypted email to other employee in our company.

 We have successfully installed and configured PGP desktop email in two systems wherein we can send encrypted email and decrypt it without any issues. The problem with this approach is that if wants to send email to, they need to get the public key so that can encrypt message before sending it to id. This will be bothersome since we need to send PGP encrypted messages to many users. So collecting recipient public key each time will be bothersome and time consuming job.

  So i hard that there is a solution fo this problem for which we need to use PGP key server or PGP Universal Server. Could you please let me know the difference between PGP Key server and PGP universal server.

  Your help on the above requested information will be very much helpful to understand the basic funtionalities of PGP Desktop Email Encryption.


Papdheen M

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I hope these links and the brief info from each I include below helps.
PGP Universal Server
PGP Universal™ Server provides organizations with a single console to manage multiple encryption applications from the PGP Platform. IT organizations can manage users, automate administrative activities and establish policies to defend sensitive data and avoid the financial loss, legal ramifications, and brand damage from a data breach.
PGP Key Management Server
PGP® Key Management Server provides organizations with the infrastructure and tools to manage large scale deployments of encryption keys and certificates. This key management software provides a versatile foundation to centralize management of encryption throughout the enterprise to help organizations take control over their encryption keys, strengthen security, and reduce operational cost.

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