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difference between primary copy and copy 1

Created: 13 Sep 2012 • Updated: 14 Sep 2012 | 2 comments
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PLease help me in this.

I know restore is done from Primary copy.

What is the basic difference between copy 1 and primary copy?

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your question itself is self explanatory nikhil

Primary as you said is the 1st backup where data is written , and if required same can be replicated amongst other copies 2,3,4 depends.....

in case of primary copy is mistakenly sent to offsite for vaulting

and you are left with copies with you and had restore request

you can enforce restore to happen from same

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You asked a similar question at the start of the year suprisingly & Martins post covered it:

There is nothing special about multiple copies - they are simply that, another copy of the 'same' data.

One of the copies is the 'Primary' copy - all this means is that this is the coy NBU will try and use if you run a restore.

That is it, just because a copy is , or is not, primary doesn't change anything ...

and also Mariannes:

I don't understand why we have to say the same thing over and over.

You had the following:

Copy1      PRIMARY

Because Copy1 was written first, it was made the PRIMARY by default.

Then you turned Copy2 to primary:

Copy2    PRIMARY

See? NOTHING 'happened'  to Copy1. It is still there.
Copy2 also remained Copy2. It just has the PRIMARY 'flag'.

If you make Copy3 the PRIMARY, you will have the following:


As I've said before - You can make Copy1 primary again or specify '-copy 1' if you want to restore from command line.