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Difference between Symantec backup Exec 2012 and System recovery 2011

Created: 03 Jan 2013 • Updated: 20 Jan 2013 | 9 comments
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My current requirement is to make full image backups for all the servers including applications database servers 

i just need to know what is the difference between Symantec backup exec 2012 and Sysmantec System recovery 2011

is it compulsory to buy the license for system recovery 2011 if i have symantec backup exec 2012 CASO ?

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SSR is a separate product from BE so you would need to buy a separate licence if you want to use it.'s picture

Hi Ashish

thanks for the reply, Currently im performing full backup using Symantec Backup Exec 2012 and also check the symantec site it says we can restore complete server using Sysmantec backup exec 2012 using disaster recovery media and then restore all the paritions

Now my question do i really need Symantec System recovery 2011 for my server to take image backup ?

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SSR and BE are different products and they work differently.  If you follow the various discussions referenced above, you would be able to find out the differences.

Before BE 2012, the main advantage of using SSR is that you can recover a server to dissimiliar hardware.  Howvever, with BE 2012, you can use SDR to recover a server to dissimiliar hardware.

SSR is doing image-based backup which BE does not do.  Hence SSR will be able to recover a server faster than BE.

If you just want to recover a server, there is no need to get SSR.

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Here you can have more information and details about the SSR2011 - Backup exec 2012 and  CAS option

each product and option needs a separate licence key

-SSR2011 "Symantec system recovery 2011 :

-Backup exec 2012:


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Guys i dont need links i need to a answer from Symantec ?

Im already using the product and i did the restore from symantec backup 2012 complete backup

and also you can check Backup Exec 2012 can be restore in any hardware ?

My question is very simple if i have Backup Exec 2012  Do i need separate license for System recovery 2011 or not ?

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If you use SDR, you can restore to any hardware.

If you want to use SSR, you would need a licence for SSR.

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As already indicated but just stating it again as you appear to want a Symantec employee to state it,

Symantec System Recovery ( SSR with recovery process using SRD )


Backup Exec (BE with recoverty process using SDR)

are two completely unreleated products with their own licensing. As such the Backup Exec license entitles you to use the SDR recovery process to retrieve a complete server, but does not entitle you to use the SRD process (I know we unfortunately used almost the same acronyms just to add to any potential confusion - please don't shoot the messenger)

Backup Exec (with the odd exception) is a file level backup product  with database agents for things like Exchange etc. File level products are typically slower than image/block based products but can provide other advantages. Backup Exec can write to tape and deduplication/OST devices, SSR cannot. Because database agents require active servcies to restore Backup Exec also requires a second manual pass  on top of SDR when recovering database content

SSR is a block level product that creates image backups. It cannot write directly to tape or OST device and does have the ability to get databases to a running state in a single pass of the SRD process. It is typically quicker therefore to recover a server with SSR than with BE. SSR however is a much simpler product with less advanced options for day to day (non-DR) restores