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Differences between early release of WF 7.5 and full release with SMP 7.5

Created: 04 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

Question:  As noted in the following article, an early version of Workflow 7.5 was released with Service Desk 7.5 with the full version of Workflow 7.5 to be released with SMP 7.5.  

Does anyone know what the difference between the early version and the full version of Workflow 7.5 is?

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Since Workflow 7.5 hasn't been released and is still in development its not possible to provide a list of differences at this time. 

I do know the version that comes with ServiceDesk 7.5 does not include the VMware components that are expected to be part of the full 7.5 release.

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I have been working on the SD7.5 version of WF 7.5 and I have noticed that the SD 7.5 components are not as rich as the ones that were in SD 7.1.

For instance, the component used to make a collection of Incidents with certain attributes (such as Incident is Open) in SD 7.1 are not included with SD 7.5. I guess that the developers got around this as a part of the SD 7.5 rewrite and used other methods to find these incidents. It seems that the included components only allow you to find an Incident by ID or by Session ID.

How this speeds up the whole product, I am not sure, as SD 7.5 is strikingly faster than 7.1, but I would have thought that being able to place the query into the component would allow for the database to take the burden of speed from the Workflow Server (unless this sort of query is not required in the new version).

Will these SD components be added to in the WF 7.5 release?

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QuietLeni, Nothing Service Desk related is included in the base Workflow installation so don't expect it in the ITMS 7.5 release. It seems that the new SeachIncident component only searches by name and description. You may want to post on the SD forum if you feel this is something that should be added back.

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Good point, rhammer.

I sometimes get confused between them as there are blurred lines between the two. 

I have to remember that Workflow has got the ProcessManager and a load of tools designed for ticketing systems, but ServiceDesk is just Workflow configured for a service desk system and a set of Workflows that make up the ServiceDesk software.

What is helpful, in this regard, is that the installation for the whole of SD 7.5 comes in two definite parts - WF 7.5 and SD 7.5 Workflows.

However, there is still a blurred boundary, as WF 7.5 is only in our hands because SD 7.5 needed it!

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