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Different Age Based Archiving Rules for Folders in the same Mailbox

Created: 18 Jul 2014 • Updated: 23 Jul 2014 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Following up on a previous post ( We currently archive Exchange mailboxes, specified message classes over 90 days old. This works as expected.

I'd now like to add Calendar items over 2 years old, I don't think this is easily achievable using the standard policies and settings. To test this out I have created a new mailbox policy including IPM.Appointment items and applied this to my test mailbox. So far so good.

I then used the below EVPM INI file to set the age based archive policy on the Calendar folder:

DirectoryComputerName = EVARC-EM1-01
SiteName = Enterprise Vault - EM

Name = 2YearCalendar
CreateShortcut = False
DeleteOriginal = True
UnreadMail = True
UseInactivityPeriod = True
InactivityUnits = Months
InactivityPeriod = 24

DistinguishedName = LegacyExchnageDN of target mailbox

Name = Calendar
FilterName = 2YearCalendar
OverrideArchiveLocks = True

EVPM processed successfully. I ran provisioning and mailbox synchronisation and tried a Run Now archive, but no calendar items are archived.

Is there a way to verify the policy is applied to the test mailbox? and any ideas on achieving the differing age based archiving on different folders.


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Further, from the documentation:


Mandatory, unless Filtername in the [Folder] section is set to SystemDefault or DoNotArchive. 

When you use UseInactivityPeriod and UsePercentageQuota, you must set at least one of them to true.

UseInactivityPeriod specifies whether to use age-based archiving.

If you use this setting, you must specify Name = mailboxroot in the [Folder] section that references the filter. 

Possible values:

true (use age-based archiving)

false (do not use age-based archiving)

the line that says "If you use this setting, you must specify Name = mailboxroot in the [Folder] section that references the filter." does this mean that these type of settings can only apply to entire mailboxes not individual folders.


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This is resolved.

My INI file was fine however the content of my test Calendar folder did not include any qualifying* items over 24 months old.

I also found the following post which included a further example of the INI file.

* it looks like current recurring appointments are not in scope.