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Different Versions of pcAnywhere

Created: 14 Jan 2014 | 6 comments

Are there different versions of pcAnywhere and if so is there a site that compares them so you know what the limitations are?

we got pcAnywhere plug-in with our Altiris Server and i noticed on that version that i can not do conference meetings, so that is why i am asking if there are different versions.

Any help would be beneficial... we are currently using pcAnywhere agent 12.6 if that makes a difference.

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You can try here:

Just click on the dropdown under Version for whichever one you need

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I dont see anything there that will help... that appears to just be the difference between version numbers not the products...  Like home version, lite version, full version, technical consultant version.

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Hi Cojast,

Check with the below article's,

Compatibility between current and previous versions of pcAnywhere

PcAnywhere 12.5 build version numbers

How to gather version information for pcAnywhere Solution when working with pcAnywhere support.

How to gather version information for pcAnywhere Box/full version when working with pcAnywhere support.




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Thank you for the info...unfortunately that is not what i was looking for...

I am looking for a comparision chart between Home edition, Corporate Edition, education edition, Technical Support edition, thin client edition...

I guess i shouldn't have said version but edition maybe that would clear things up

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HI Cojast,

We have PCAnywhere corporate edition and we dont have any other editions in PCAnywhere.




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I think you are looking for this.  It has the differance between the pcAnywhere solution that is integrated into the Notification server vs the full version that you would purchase for standalone instalations.

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