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differential and Incremental backups being accosiated with last full backup of servers

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 | 7 comments
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I might not be a scholar when it comes to backup exec, but bear with me.

We currently have a backup exec 2010 server with 6 disksets, and we take a monthly full backup every month.
Is there any way to get around differential and Incremental backups being accosiated with last full backup on servers?

The goal is to be able to take a monthly full backup, then doing 2-3 incs or diff backups before changing to the next monthly disk (in other words, making the inc/diff accosiate with contents of the disk in question).

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appriciated.

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It is up to you where you put the full backup.  You will always need to restore your full backup before you restore your incr/diff backups.  What you can do is:  When you put in a new disk do your full backup and then your incr/diff backups.  This way all the backup sets that is needed for your restore are on one disk.

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What I'm aiming for is to be able to have monthly incremental backups that relate to the monthly fullbackup, and not the weekly full backup. Is this possible?

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No.  Once you do another full backup, this is the new baseline. For example, you do a monthly full backup on the first Sunday and a weekly full backup on the 2nd Sunday.  The subsequent incr backups will use the weekly full backup as the baseline.

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Damn... thanks for your time anyways. Appriciate the help :)

By the way, do you know if this would be possible with netbackup?
Is it just a backup exec limitation?

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This is not a BE limitation.  It is the way incremental backups are taken.  All backup software works the same way.

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I guess we'll just have to get more space for our monthly backups, and set duplicate weekly full to the monthly if it grows too large to run before weekly.

Thanks for your help.

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I'm not sure if the BE agent has it's own history of backup jobs. If not perhaps two backup systems not messing with the archive bit could do this?

I agree it would be a nice feature if you could connect incremental backup to a specific full backup.
i.e. changes since last month without messing with the daily backup.