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differential vs incremental

Created: 04 Jan 2005 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
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Just got a new Ultrium tape drive and Backup Exec 9.1 and am trying to setup new jobs. I'd like a full back up on Monday nights and either incr ordiff Tues thru Fri. Normally I have on site one months worth of backup dataand the last week of every month is saved off site for disaster recoveryand archival purposes. I'd like to cut down the number of tapes I need. Monday nights I will need a 200-400G tape. In the past I have done incrementalson a single tape. In this case I would only need 2 tapes a week. HoweverI have been told that differential is a better way to go - but I would needa tape each night Mon - Fri (200-400 Mon and 100-200 Tues - Fri) that means5 tapes a week(25) plus the 60 tapes to go off site. In the past I havehad 5 weeks of tapes and depending on the number of weeks in the month 3- 4 weeks were recycled with the last week of the month being saved. Am I making this too complicated? Is there a simpler way?Thanks Thanks