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Differentials succeed, but aren't available to restore.

Created: 08 Apr 2013 | 4 comments

We have two servers that run a full backup weekly, then differentials nightly.  When selecting restore points, or searching for files to restore, the full backups are available for restores, but the differential backups aren't listed.  The diff jobs complete successfully, and are listed under job history.

Any thoughts on this issue?


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Are you using Symc System Recovery or Backup Exec ? If the latter, what is the version ?

What sort of data ( flat file data, VMs, applications etc) are you trying to restore and is the data present on tape or disk ?

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This is BackupExec 2012.

One server is a basic file server, the other is a database server.

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In BE 2012, the restore view is different from earlier versions...

in earlier versions, restore view shows only the changed files that were backed up by that particular diff/incr...and if one needs the full as well, he needs to search & multiple select the full backup.

In BE 2012, a combined view of the full +incr/diff is shown and BE will automatically choose/request the required media...

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The last full backup was 4/4, and incrementals have run every day since.  When you try to do a search for *.xlsx files on the file server, you only see files in the 4/4 backup, nothing later.