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Difficulty using Management Server List to direct SEP 11 clients to SEP 12 console

Created: 06 Dec 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

In our environment, it is not feasible to use sylink.xml to move a SEP client from one SEPM site to another.

We are in the process of testing SEP 12 RU2 in a test environment. I am attempting to move several SEP clients that are currently in SEP 11 management console to the test SEP 12 management console.

These SEPMs are at two different sites AND they are two different versions.

A Symantec Enginner advised me to use Management Server Lists. In other words, create a Management Server List that lists the IP address of the SEP 12 management console, and apply it to a group of SEP clients in SEP 11 management console that you want to move to SEP 12.

So, I created the Management Server List (attachment Send to SEP and I applied it to the group of SEP clients.

Here is the problem: These SEP clients received the policy to check into the other SEPM (SEP 12 RU2), but they STILL CHECK INTO THE OLD SEPM!!!!!!!!

How do I troubleshoot this?

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You need to set the priority, increase the priority

as long as they have two sepm ips, if they are not able to connect to one, they will connect to another.

once they are moved to the new sepm. u then remove the MSL

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Unless the new SEP12.1 environment was setup using the DR processes of the old SEP11 environment, then you cannot redirect the clients using teh MSL method.

The MSL method only changes the Name/IP of the SEPM the client tries to use for management.  When it contacts this new name is still uses the certificate, domain ID, and encryption settings from the old SEPM (and therefore fails to authenticate to the new one).

What's happening is that the SEP11 clients get the new MSL, try to connect to the 12.1SEPM, fail to authenticate, and revert to the old SEPM (which is saved in the registry and it's sylink file as the last known good SEPM).

If you didn't go through the DR process in creating the new SEPM then you must change the sylink file.

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DR process in creating the new SEPM

Please explain what is DR, and what you mean by DR process

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Ok, I guess what I am trying to do is not possible ... I installed the SEP 12 from scratch .... thanks!