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Direct Access to GHOST Database

Created: 25 May 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments


Is it possible to access Ghost Sybase Database directly from an external program?

The reason -- I want to build my own reports based on Ghost inventory information by means of my own program. Now I firstly upload information to txt file from Ghost DB and then parse it with my util. Can I parse info directly from DB?

Thank you.

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You could access the DB by using dbisqlc from c:\program files\symantec\ghost\bin.

Additionaly you could use DBVisualizer (3rd party tool).


Mr. Fabietto

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You can access the database directly, but there are some important caveats.

First, in GSS1.1 there's a new system for managing the database password (other threads here refer to that).

Secondly is the question of the database structure; although we're not at all opposed to documenting that, there's the problem that if we do that, essentially we're promising to never change it. It's awfully hard to satisfy the needs of the people who want to extend things themselves if at the same time, we make it hard for us to make changes to improve the design of the product.

This applies not just to the database structure, but creating scripting APIs and the like. We're happy for folks to do whatever it takes to get their jobs done, but realise that there's a delicate balance and we need some room to make breaking changes in future versions.Message was edited by: Nigel Bree, minor wording clarification