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Disable LiveUpdate on Clients

Created: 01 Jun 2012 | 6 comments

I am using SEP 11.06 MP3 and I need to disable LiveUpdates for some clients (VDI). I created a policy in SEPM en disabled LiveUpdate Scheduling. When I look on the client I see the policy is applied and LiveUpdate Scheduling is disabled. However the clients still receive updates.
Does someone have any tips?

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Your clients are receving updates from the server (SEPM).

If you have not removed the SEPM connection to the clients, they will check in to the SEPM to receive updates.

Why don't you want those clients to update their definitions?

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Remove the LU policy from that clients group

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Live Update Options

Configure the policies for Live update so that take the definitions from the SEPM and not from the internet. This is possible only in case of a managed client of SEP 11. Once the policy is configured for the clients to take updates from the SEPM the Liveupdate button on the client side would be grayed out. Ensure that the created policy is assigned to the group which has the desired clients.


Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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If you are not going to update those clients then there is no point in running SEP on them.

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Its really not recommended to disable Liceupdate from the clients. You can manage weather they will be able to download the definitions manually or not. But Removing the policy from the clients will leave them in a vulnerable position.

if your concern is in the bandwidth consumtion for virus definition transfer between clients and SEPM, you cna configure GUPs for the same.


Aniket Amdekar

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Everybody thx for there reply!!!

We already use the LU configuration as Ashish discribed.

We wan't to disable the LU on VDI Clients because the updates have a very big impact on our SAN.
Once a week we will open the VDI build and update SEP.

Would it help to stop de SMC service on the VDI client?

How can i see if the updates on the client comes from the SEPM or the Internet?