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Disable Symantec BE 2010 R3 but Enable Agent

Created: 07 May 2013 • Updated: 22 May 2013 | 6 comments
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Hello All,

This current post is related to my previous post.

I have Symantec BE 2010 R3 installed on SBS 2008. I want to disable the Symantec Server but enable only the Agent.

I have done a new installation of Symantec BE 2010 R3 on Windows 2008 R2 & this will be my new Backup Server.

However i still need to backup data found on the SBS 2008 machine.

I tried to push install the agent from my new Installation but it says please remove the old version first.

In Program & Features, the Agent is not listed.

The aim is to keep the old Symantec BE there but simply disable it but install the agent from my new Symantec BE Server.

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I don't see this as working...the other ways around this are:

1. Grab copies of the Data/Catalogs folders which would also contain the BEDB and place in another location. Then uninstall the application from the SBS 2008 server, and push-install the RAWS agent to the server.

2. Migrate BE from the SBS 2008 server to your new server. This will keep all your settings intact. Uninstall BE from the SBS 2008 server and then push-install the RAWS agent. Follow 1 of the 2 TNs below, depending on whether or not the server would have a new name:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hi, coolgod.

On old server you can try leave enabled next services

Backup Exec Error Recording Service

Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems

After installation new Backup Server you can ran Backup Exec 2010 Remote Agent Utility on old Sever and change publishing settings to new backup server.



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If you go this route - you will periodically have to apply new updates to this server to keep it patched to the same level as the new media server. You will/may not be able to push install this updates from your active media server.

You can manually download the patches and apply them, or you can use LiveUpdate on the server itself, howevver, by default LiveUpdate against Backup Exec can only be started from within the BE Admin Console and you can't login to the admin console if services are not running.

You can change the behaviour so that running luall.exe does show Backup Exec in the list (so no need to use the admin console or start services)  by opening a command prompt changing to the Backup Exec program files folder and running:

beupdateops.exe -AddBE -OptIn

Note this command links the schedule for downloading BE updates to any other Symantec LiveUpdate aware products on the same system which is why it is not a default setting

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Thank all for your responses.

ub40, after changing the publishing options to point to my new backup server, what other Symantec Services can i disable ??

Will only changing the publishing option be sufficient ??

See attachment as well.

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...everything but the RAWS agent, and include the SQL instance too!


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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From a licencing standpoint, if the core BE is not uninstalled from the old server, it can be deemed to be in use and a core BE licence would be required for the old server.