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Disable users ability to stop SEP

Created: 04 May 2011 • Updated: 26 Jul 2011 | 6 comments

We recently tested SEP and were quite pleased with all the features. As a result we did place an order and received the newest version 12.0 which we are running now.

There are some differences between the version that we tested (11.0) and the new one.

The one thing that I am looking for is the feature to disble the possibility for clients to turn off SEP. In version 11 this was done quite easily (the icon would disappear from the task-bar), but i can't seem to find this feature in the new version.

I do hope that it is available and that you can supply me with the info to configure this.

Kind regards,

Johan Stinckens

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If you are talking about SEP 12 for Enterprise see the following screenshot.

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I Just upgraded from SBE 12 to 12.1. With Version User had no rights to disable. After Upgrade to 12.1 User can disable. But the Problem is, there is no point with location specific settings in SBE 12.1.

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If you "tested" with SEP 11 but "purchased" SEP 12, you bought a completely different product that is a reduced version of SEP 11.

SEP 12 SBE is NOT a newer/better version of SEP 11; that will be the upcoming SEP 12.1 (Amber) release that is slated for mid to late summer release.

You may want to contact sales for further confirmation.


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The fact that we purchased SEP 12.0 has different origins.

One of these is the fact that somewhere in a post the issue was raised that 12.0 would be better at using server resources than the 11.0 version. Considering our server has already got a heavy load, and since our reseller provided us with pricing for the 12.0 version we confirmed this version for the order.

Will the SEP 12.1 be an update to this SEP 12 SBE which whe are running now? Or will this be a product that is positioned alongside the SBE version? If the former is true we could consider waiting for these 'old' features to appear in our version. If however the latter is true then we would have to look into ways to 'migrate' to the 11.0 version.

Kind regards,


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There are new versions of both products coming out this summer.

SEP 11 Enterprise will be SEP 12.1 Enterprise

SEP 12 SBE will be SEP 12.1 SBE.

See this link for an overview and "Whats New".