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Disabled clients in SEPM

Created: 03 Dec 2012 | 8 comments

I recently had to reload my SEPM box which manages my client and mobile machines.  This was due to an inability in the server to update/download recent Windows definitions.  After reloading the database from a backup (from the previous day) and reestablishing all of my clients in the client list, I checked the home page which shows 2/3 of my Endpoints as being Disabled.  How do I rectify this?

Currently running SEPM 12.1.2015

If you need any other information, just ask!  Thanks!

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So some are actually reporting in while the majority are not?

Have a look at this KB article to see if it helps:

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do you see green dot on your clients in the sepm console?

did you restore the certificates after you restored the DB?

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I hope you have followed the Best Practices while Restoring the Database.

Please revert back with the SEPM Log.


Ajit Jha

Technical Consultant


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Check this thread


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Let me try to clarify the numbers on the home screen...


Total Endpoints: 650

Up-to-date: 478

Out-of-date: 1

Offline: 169

Disabled: 445

(*Endpoints can be counted in more than one category)


Most of my clients have a little green dot on them, like they're connected.  I'm at a loss.  Hope to have more time to look at this tonight.

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Disabled is slightly misleading. It usually means that one of the installed components is turned off. So you need to click on Disabled and another window will open and you can view each client to determine what is wrong.

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So I just checked the disabled status for each client and the only component reflecting a disabled state is "Early Launch Antimalware Status."  How do I either enable this or, if disabling it is not a good idea, make it go away so I don't have to deal with the misleading information?

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This only applies to Win8 clients so if you have no Win8 clients than you can disable.

Open you AV policy

Under Protection Technology, select Early Laucnh Anti-Malware Driver tab

Here you can either Enable or Disable, depending on if you want to use or not.

See thread here on ELAM: