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Disabling PGP boot sound

Created: 26 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

I'm using PGP Desktop Client (Symantec) v10.2.1 - 64-bit and would like to disable the sounds afiliated with the program. I have read the pdf file "pgpWDEcmdline_1020_usersguide_en.pdf", but couldn't find any exact commands. Can someone help, please?

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I would have thought disabling the speakers from the BIOS menu would disable any PC Speaker tones

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I know with the previous version of PGP it was possible to write a line in the Command Prompt to disable the sound. Question is what that line of code is for the version I've got now...

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If you are a managed desktiop user, you can control this via Consumer Policy under the PGP Desktop options under Drive Encryption there is an option for audible alerts for accessibility reasons. To disable the alerts via pgp wde command line you can use:

      Set Bootguard accessibility Audio prompt
      --disk, [-o], [--beep], [--no-beep]

This was taken from our help. Accessible by issuing:

pgpwde --help | more

into a command line for reference. If you not familar with using more to view things. you can press the space bar to scroll down another page till you get to what you need. Q (or ctrl-c) will allow you to exit.

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