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Discover Scan Key Info-Message Body

Created: 07 Apr 2014

When running Discover scans, primarily against SQL targets, the "Message Body" field of the Key Info tab is populated with the table and column info of the violating row.

What I want is to extract the Message Body data from Enforce and export it so that it's easier to access. I originally tried with writing a FlexResponse plugin to try and return that data to me, but I can only get a few pieces of information regarding SQL targets.

Enforce returns the table name, row number, and URI for the violating content - the problem is, however, that this row number is based on the way that Enforce does the queries to the Oracle database - something that I can not replicate as the row number is not always the same.

Might there be a way for me to get the Message Body data from Enforce by either of those methods - or are there any other ways that I can tackle this problem?

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