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Created: 13 Nov 2012 • Updated: 13 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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I am trying to configure an SQL scan and I believe have properly installed the jtds driver (1.3.0) and edited the properities file to reflect the updated version number.  However when I go to run a scan I get "The crawler threw an exception. Check the logs for more details".

The Scan Activity log shows nothing but that same error

The Discover Operational log does not even appear to show the scan

The Discover Trace log is completely empty.

Do I need to enable the Trace log to see the errors?  If so how do I go about doing that?  Or am I just looking in the wrong log files?

Also,  just as an FYI,  that's a very poor error message when you consider the log directory has a ton of log files in it.  At least a pointer to the specific log file name(s) would be much more useful.

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So it seems that jtds-1.3.0 (current ver) is not supported.  I found errors in the debug/FileReader log regarding major/minor version not being supported that went away when switched to an older version of jtds. 

What is the latest version of jtds that is supported.  Also what is the latest version of MSSQL that someone has scanned successfully?


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DLP is 11.6,  MSSQL is 2008.

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Have you found a version that works?



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Hi Aaron,

Yes I have been using 1.2.5 found here:

I think the issue with the 1.3.0 download might be because the jar was made with a more current version of Java.  So it could be possible to grab the source and compile it with the version supported by Symantec.  I haven't tried.