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Discovery Accelerator 8 Searching

Created: 28 Sep 2010 • Updated: 17 Nov 2010 | 6 comments

If an Exchange user has a primary and secondary email address on his Exchange mailbox (ex:, and, will doing a DA to/from search on the display name ("Donald Duck"), enclosed in quotes, find email sent to both addresses? Does DA resolve all addresses on an Exchange mailbox to the same display name?

Thank you.


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I believe that expression will only search for "donald duck" specifically.... Maybe search "" and dduck.

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You should search for both smtp addresses in quotes in the same search also add "dduck" "Donnald Duck" "Duck, Donnald" as this will look for other display versions of the name.

It will give you a more comprehensive result set

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Exchange journaling will use the primary for generating journal messages - I assume you're searching against journals with DA...

If in doubt, or if you addresses change /swich etc over the course of a mailboxes "life"  - configure custodian manager and use custodians for searching.

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You might also consider setting up a custodian manager database and configure AD synchronization (if you haven't already).

Then you only need to target the specific custodian and all of the email aliases used by that person will be known to DA.

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Hello There,

If you just give the free form entry in From /To option of DA Search then it will only search for existance of "Donald Duck" text in the Author / Recipient section of an email .

In case you are using Custodian Manager functionality then you can just search for the Display Name(s) OR Email Addresses(s) OR both of them. 

Custodian Manager DB keep track of Display Names and email Addresses changes for different Custodians/employees. So if any Custodian is selected during DA Search then it automatically replaces it based on the option that the Search creator selects.

Hope this helps.


Alok D