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Discovery Accelerator Database Connectivity Issue

Created: 25 Feb 2013 • Updated: 19 Mar 2013 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have an issue with an EV 9 environment. The client migrated databases to another SQL server over the weekend, and while the EV servers have been reconfigured without an issue, I have a problem with the Discovery Accelerator server.

Firstly I could not connect to the EVBAAdmin webpage so I followed the link below and did a repair and specified the new server containing the configuration database and was able to access the webpage.

After doing that, when I open up the DA client, the server is set to localhost, so I changed that to the SQL server and I got the following error:

A problem occured while retrieving the list of instances from server 'SQLServer'. The Accelerator service is either not runing or the server could not be contacted.

There are no servers available at the moment, please try again later.

I have tried to create a new customer which was successful in the EVBAAdmin website, I can ping the SQL server and the EV servers are able to connect to it fine. The accelerator service is running and has been restarted a few times.

The last error to be logged was for the licence as below, however I uploaded that and since then there have been no further errors logged.

I have done some searching on the issue but haven't come up with much.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Would suggest callin support as you may end up doing more harm than good at the moment

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In the DA client you need to put the name of the DA server, not the sql server.

From the Admin guide:

  1. 2  In the Server box, type the name of the computer on which the Discovery Accelerator server software is running.

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 You can check events on DA Server for more details of this issue. Additionally following technote might assist:

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Unfortunately, you used the wrong Technical Article to fix your DA environment after moving the databases to a new SQL Server.  Please follow the instructions in TECH51129, "How to modify the configuration files after moving the Symantec Compliance Accelerator (tm) or Symantec Discovery Accelerator (tm) databases from a Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft SQL Server instance to another Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft SQL Server instance of a different nam or a different TCP Port.",

When you move the databases, there are several files in the DA installation folder that must be updated to reflect the new SQL Server name. There is also some information in the DA Configuration database that must be updated.  All of the updates that are needed are noted in TECH51129.  Just follow those steps and you should be able to return your DA installation back to a working environment.

Ken Adams

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I have checked those files and they appear correct as they contain the new SQL user name, which I presume is as a result of the repair installation which was carried out.

I will need to check with the DBA about the configuration database although I think that had been changed as we were able to use the DA after the new customer was created.

However, now we are back at the point where the DA is not accessable. The SQL server is up and running and is contactable, the EVAM service is running but we get the "A problem occured while retrieving the list of instances from server...." error again.

I was able to do a couple of extracts fine yesterday and wanted to do a third this morning and was presented with that error.

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The reason you were able to access the new DA Customer was because its reference in the tblCustomer table of the configuration db was pointing to the correct SQL Server.  Why that connection was lost over night is unknown unless you have Event ID 158 errors in the DA server's EV Event Log for that new Customer.  The Event ID 158 error indicates a loss of the communications channel between the DA and SQL Servers.  A restart of EVAMS (the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager Service) should correct that.

I believe you'll be able to get access to the other customers once you've updated the configuration database with the new SQL Server name in the proper place.

Something else you can do is to create a new DA configuration database and connect your existing DA Customers to it using their existing databases.  To do that requires stopping EVAMS, changing the 4 exe.config files to change the status value to "Uninstalled", then start EVAMS.  Accessing the EVBAAdmin site should then prompt you to create a new configuration database.  Once created, you'll be prompted to restart EVAMS before clicking the OK button.  When the site comes up, just add the customer using the existing db.

Please let us know how you  make out.


Ken Adams

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There were some SQL entries that were pointing to the old server and not the new server, so I think that we lost connectivity when the old databases were removed, but when the entries were changed then everything was functional again.



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Very good, Alan.  Glad to see you're up and running on the new server.

Ken Adams

Backline Support for CA, DA, ACE, UCE, PSTD, ARMS, EVDC
US Support Region