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Discovery Accelerator frustrations

Created: 26 Jun 2008 • Updated: 30 Oct 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.
Here are a few frustrations with how DA works that I don't understand. I would welcome explanation about why this is.
When a search is created in the root level of a Case, and items are accepted, neither the search nor the results may be deleted without deleting the whole Case.
We notice that creating a folder or directing the search results into a folder has the benefits of allowing a search to be deleted along with the items after the items are accepted. There are other extra features when reviewing items in a folder - such as the ability to delete specific items from the review set.
BUT, items stored in a folder may only be exported, they may not be produced. Production only sees items that are in the root level of a case, i.e. not in any folder. But again, items that are not in a folder cannot be easily managed. One loses a great deal of flexibility if the items are not in a folder.
It is not possible to copy or move items from a folder to the root level of the case in order to be able to produce the items.
I'm faced with trying to explain to the legal team how best to use Discovery Accelerator and this means that these users will have a great deal of difficulty with using the system at all...
I'd appreciate any thoughts on the best way to manage cases from the user perspective, maintaining flexibility while also maintaining the ability to run a production.
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DA certainly is created and meant for legal discovery.  this means thorough auditing, proof of whats happened and how, and who, and the ability to show that things have not changed from their originals.


There are 2 search types:  the root-level you are referring to is an actual search that would be used in a case for production and could be viewed and reviewed to determine facts, relevance, etc.  This can not, and from a control and legal perspective, should not be altered, or removable.


The second search is the ad-hoc search that can be deleted.  but by design, if you want to use an ad-hoc search for actual production, it needs to be re-submitted under the normal search process to maintain the above controls.


Its a bit of a pain, but it has its purpose.  There is a great technical whitepaper on using DA that I read through which explains this stuff more clearly.  take a look, its called "Using Discovery Accelerator for Electronic Discovery", written by Chris Dooley September 29, 2006.



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Thank you. Could you provide a link to that whitepaper? I have not been able to google it, for sure. And Symantec's search function leaves a bit to be desired...

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i don't know where i found it..  i'll have to have a look and get back to you.

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Hmm, not sure..  the easiest thing might be if i just send it to you if you provide me your email address..?