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Discovery Accelerator: How to mark as Privileged?

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 06 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I am an admin with no formal training on DA (v10) and neither do our legal team. Yes I know, I know, unfortunatly, I don't control the purse strings!

Anyway, we have got as far as creating a case, searching and the legal team are in the process of reviewing the results. They are asking me how we mark an item as Privileged. Apparently this is some legal term where they don't have to show these emails to a court, or something like that.

Under Application --> Marks, we have

  • No Mark,
  • Relevant,
  • Query,
  • Not Relevant.

These pertain to buttons in the Review pane.

Should I go ahead and create the "privileged" mark or does this option come up later in the process.

Any pointers would be greatfully received.

Many thanks


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No you need to create the "Privilege" Mark. You can create the mark at the application level and then add it to the case where you want the mark to be used. By default the mark created at global level are available in every case and you  have an option to select the marks that are available for use in each case.

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If you folks have not done so already, please download our guide for effective searching in DA.

This should help you and your legal team create searches that will gather the information you want most of the time.  Just be aware of the use of wild cards as too many can cause searches to last much longer than expected before completing.

Also, please go through our recommended optimizations to allow DA to work more efficiently.

Carefully read this article before implementing the recommended changes as some are for 32-bit OS and are noted as such.  Some folks seem to overlook the statements about those change only being for 32-bit OS.

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