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Discovery Accelerator logging

Created: 22 May 2006 • Updated: 30 Oct 2013 | 5 comments
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Is there a way to enable any sort of logging, Event Log or even flat file, for Discovery Accelerator beyond the default IIS logging?

I am looking to understanding if a search is failing due to communication error with the server holding the index service for an archive, why productions are failing, that sort of thing. Basically, the same kind of operational logging that the Enterprise Vault services do...

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you can create a consoledump.

To create a console.exe.config file copy and paste the
DiscoveryService.exe.config file from the Discovery directory
and rename it to console.exe.config

Stop the Discovery Service.
Open a Command window
From the Command prompt locate the Discovery Accelerator install directory, this will be the location of the console.exe.config file, and type the following:

Console.exe > consoledump.txt

Once you are finished reproducing, kill the process �console.exe� from task manager

It will be put in the Discovery Accelerator directory, and can be opened in notepad.

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There's no way to do any logging without stopping the service?

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Or is there a way to spawn console.exe and do the dump without stopping the production service?

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The console and service can't run at the same time. You can do a dtrace of the discovery service, just open the dtrace window from the DA server and you will see it in the list when you hit view.

Depending on what you are looking for, this may or may not help you.Message was edited by:
Tony Sterling

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Unfortunately Discovery will not be included in Dtrace until V6. Keep in mind that if you kill the process and run a console as Tony indicated, the users may have to reopen the browser, but all DA functions will resume.