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Discovery and Compliance Accelerator 10x - Describe your Features

Created: 19 Sep 2013 • Updated: 30 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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Hello Guys,
Well, I need to prepare a WorkShop to describe in company (legal departament) the functions of Enterprise Vault Compliance and Discovery Accelerator 10x. I have seen some guides about it but I can't understand to develop a workshop. I would like to know if anyone has any extra material that could help me to do it. For example: E-learning, Power Point, PDF and etc.
Thanks so Much.

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As Rob has said, it may be helpful to get further information on what you already have as what is given may not be very helpful and just repeating what you know already.

Also, this is the Clearwell forum, it may not get the same exposure as in the Enterprise Vault forums :-)

I've put a couple of links below:

Enterprise Vault 10 Feature Briefings - Discovery Accelerator 10

Symantec Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator 10.0.3 - Reviewer's Guide

These may or may not help and I'm not certain on your versioning. If it's an issue of explaining the changes in functionality over an older version it may be easier to have a set of examples to show to people and walking them through a basic use case, then they could see changed or additional functionality.

Best of luck.

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Hello, Cunha Julio Cesar;

In addition to the information that D Whyte provided, you should look in the DAReadMeFirst_en.htm document that comes with the DA installation files. This file contains a section titled "New features and changes in Discovery Accelerator 10.0".  If you have the latest service pack media, you should also look in the 'DAUpdates_en.html' file for fixes and additional new features added since the release of DA 10.0.

CA has the same files, only with CA references replacing all DA references.  The information in these files alone may be sufficient for your presentation.

Ken Adams

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Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator 10.0.1 - Reviewer's Guide -
This guide describes the features of the Discovery Accelerator client that are available to reviewers.

Release Notes : Provides information about new features, known issues, news about the release and hotfixes, and links to further information.

Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator 10.0.1 - Release Notes and Upgrade Instructions

Symantec Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator 10.0.1 - Release Notes and Upgrade Instructions