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Discovery Search on specific attachment name

Created: 26 Mar 2009 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Using Accelerator 7.0

Can I search for an attachment with a specific name? From the help it seems I can just specify the type of extension rather than the name before the file type e.g.  all documents sent in a defined  time period called  "symantec.doc". 

This doesn't seem to be possible. It looks like I have to search for all .doc's within that period or know some content of the file to find it. All I know is the name.

From help


Specifies the file name extensions of particular types of attachments for which to search. Separate the extensions with space characters. For example, type the following to search for items with HTML or Microsoft Excel file attachments:

.htm .xls

If you specify one or more attachment types, only the attachments are searched, and not the items that contain them. For example, you cannot search for items that have a specific word in their subject line or content and that contain a specific type of attachment.

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Check out this link.

This section may be what you are looking for

Attachments only: the subject/title of the top-level item The item you would be searching under is tsub

Read the Article I'm sure it will help

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Had a look and don't have the "Other Attribute:" section as shown in your link.

I had a look in the Search options of  System Configuration. The only thing that looks like a possibility is enabled i.e. "Enable custom search attributes".  Is there another setting I have to turn on to see the "Other Attribute:" field?


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what version of DA are you using? If you are using DA8 then it is different as DA8 uses a fat client on the users PC whereas DA7.5 or lower uses a web interface.

let me know the version please

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Seems strange you dont have the Other Attribute which is inside the Miscellaneous at the bottom of the DA screen when you create a new search

Put a screen shot of your DA search screen here so we can see what you are seeing

I'm interested in seening the bottom of the new search screen of your DA

I know i can see this option on my DA 7.5 screen