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Disjoin EV environments

Created: 13 Feb 2013 • Updated: 19 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi all,

I have an environment with 2 EV Server in two different sites with only FSA and each has its own SQL server.

The goal is to divide the two environments and make them work independently.

On the secondary server, however, I have some references to the main EVDirectory database.

What is the best procedure to separate the environments?

Thank you very much

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What version of Enterprise Vault are you using?
how much data do you have stored?
Does each location have its own Vault Store?
Do the vault stores have Sharing enabled between them?

Assuming they do not having sharing in the vault store group enabled, i would do the following:
Say you have something like LA and NY all under EVSite
and you want to have NYSite and LASite

Pick which one has the least data, in this case we'll say LA
You would restore all the data back to the file servers in LA using FSAUtil
Then remove the archive points and file server targets from the Vault Admin console
Delete the archives and the FSA Tasks and then remove the LA Server from the VAC
completely uninstall Enterprise Vault, removing all the registry settings, delete any of the vault store databases etc

So now you have EVSite with just the New York server.....

Then in the LA site, install EV from scratch, create a new Directory database, a new Vault Store, add the file server targets, create the new policies, add your FSA mountpoints etc

Then you can re-archive everything you restored and now you have two sites

Honestly though, depending on how much data you have, whether you wish to do any server migrations in order to upgrade etc, you may be best off contacting a partner, such as myself at Trace3, or Tony Sterling at bluesource or any of the globanet guys as it is probably more complex than what i've described above as there are small things i could have overlooked without seeing your current config and environment

Worst case scenario, just make sure you have full backups of all vault store data and databases before attempting to make any changes and if you have a lab environment you can test against, even better

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thanks for your suggestion.

I have 9.03 EV version.

Each site has its own Vault Store with your SQL DB.
just a question

Why do I recall all archived files?
Do you think if instead of recalling all the files I could do:

1. uninstall EV LA Site without recall (planned during a weekend)
2. reinstall EV on LA Site

3. On Configuration Task I'll select to create new Directory on Local SQL Server
4. then attach the LA VaultStore Database

what do you think about this processes?

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Ok so the way it works is that you have

Directory database  (For Configuration)
Fingerprint database (For Single Instance information)
Vault Store Database (That stores the meta data of the files)
Vault Store Partitions (That house the physical DVS/DVSCC/DVSSP files)

When a file server is targeted, it writes the information to the Directory database
When the archive point is created it writes the archive information to the Vault Store Database and links back to the directory database which stores the index information and the folder structure
When an item is archived it creates a Saveset record in the Saveset table of the Vault Store database and links it to the Folder and Archive, which both relate back to the directory database
If the item is large enough and can be single instanced, it is written to the finger print database

And any record of the Archive, Folder ID's etc, are all appended with a "Site Alias" attached to them, so that EV knows which site and server to contact should the need arise

If you were to simply mount the vault store database in to a new site, it would fall over and you would be flooded with errors, firstly because the new directory database would contain none of the archive, index, or folder structures and ID's you created in the old site

And also because all of the ID's generated would contain a mismatch to point at the old site

I don't believe there are any third party products that will migrate FSA data
Move Archive in EV won't migrate FSA items, TransVault and Akaibu won't migrate
For a third party route, your best bet would be to talk to Quadrotech as they have been doing a lot in the FSA space recently.

Which is why i think your only option is to restore the items to their original locations and re-archive them

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ok but my real problem is that I have no space to recall all archived files.

have you any other ways we could follow...?


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Your best bet is to contact Wayne Humphreys or Rob Wilcox on this forum from QuadroTech
They have FSA Migration utilities, but that appears to be more File Server to File Server migration rather than EV to EV FSA Migration, however they have the ability and the expertise to custom develop a solution for this

Other than that, I cna only suggest you contact your Symantec sales reps or PM's etc to see what they might suggest, if you call support they will probably refer you to a partner as they are a break fix organization

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Maybe I have found the space to retrieve archived files.
At this point I can recall archived files and uninstall EV from the secondary site.

When I reinstall (at the moment i have only one Active will be divided later) I have to do something to make the second site as primary and get them to work independently?

I just create a new Directory DB?