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Disk base storage issue in Backup Exec 2012 SP1a

Created: 17 Jul 2012 • Updated: 19 Jul 2012 | 5 comments
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Backup Exec server have C: , D: and E: . I use E: to create disk-based storage.  I can use disk-base storage for backup for a while. But the status of this disk based storage sometimes become offline, cause backup job failed. After I change disk-base storage, the backup job resumed to normal. I do not know why disk base storage become offline.

So I delete disk-based storage in Backup Exec Server console and format the E:\. After that I try to use E:\ to create disk-based storage again in Create Storage wizard, but I cannot find E:\ in pull down menu  to create disk base storage, only C:\ and D:\ can be found.

Do anyone know how to solve this issue? Is above procedure is correct to re-create disk based storage.


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This drives are local to Media server or this is SAN & have configured LUN and they are shown to Media server. If this is SAN do you have 2 HBA.,Could be this issue as per the link below ,




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Are the D: and E: drives normal built-in fixed disks or are they USB disks?  How does the E: drive shows up in Windows Explorer as Hard Disk Drives?

What is the OS of the media server?

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D:\ is local disk drive and E:\ is SAN Disk.

E:\ can be shown in Windows Explorer.

The OS of media server is Windows 2008 R2 .

I can created disk base storageo on E:\ before . But it fails to recreate.

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As a work-around, try defining the disk storage using BEMCLI.  Start up the BEMCLI Launcher and then issue this command

New-BEDiskStorageDevice -Name "Device 0001" -DriveLetter E:

You can change the device name to what you want.  When the device is successfully created, you can click on it in the Storage tab and review/change its properties.
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I solved the issue. After I need change drive letter from E:\ to Z:\, I can use the drive to create disk based storage.