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Disk based backed and Tape

Created: 21 Jul 2014 • Updated: 23 Jul 2014 | 2 comments
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I ahev followign questions.

We are planning to add disk based backups to retain onsite backups in a deduplicated format.

Proposed Setup: 24TB(RAID 10),64GB RAM, BE 2014. The storage will be local to the server i.e it is not direct attached.

Backups Clients: 4 Linux servers, 1 Ex2010 DAG, 3 Windows servers

Q1: When the data is deduplicated, on the disk. Can the copy job to tape be NOT dedup information? We want to write a FULL backup to tape and not deduplicated data. I haven't testedt his yet. If so what kind of disk to tape job should be created?

Q2: Anyone using RAID5 has seen decent performance with disk based backups? The parity bit degrades the performance, but on a large array wondering if that is a matter.

Q3: My disk based backup doesn't qualify as pure disk or OST certified. Can I still perform client-side deduplication? I tried to do it but got a email statting "Client-side deduplication is enabled for this job, but it could not be used. "


Operating Systems:

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1. Data is ONLY deduped on disk. The minute you duplicate to tape, or another B2D, the data is rehydrated and therefore stored in the original size in tape format.

2. You should check out the TN below:

3. Check the Admin Guide for these details...


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Q1.  As previously advised, after you duplicate the dedup'ed backup set to tape, what you get on the tape is the same as if you backup straight to tape.

Q2. When you use RAID for your dedup folder, it is recommended that you disable the write cache

Q3. Client-side dedup is not dependent on either the dedup folder or the OST appliance.  It is dependent on the OS of the remote server.  Not all Linux variants support client-side dedup.