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disk-to-dedupe-to-dedupe-to tape (on different media servers)

Created: 07 Jun 2012 | 1 comment

Here's a curly one, any help with this will make my day.  A client wants to backup 4 sites, keep one month at each site and copy the most recent full backup  to tape-but they do not want tape devices at the remote sites (i.e. they want a central tape library). 

I was thinking of using the Central Administration Option to backup to dedupe device locally for 1 month, then push a copy of the weekly full backups as an optimised duplication to a central dedupe device in their datacenter-but then what?  I don't want to add a stage to the job that duplicates it to tape because this will be running from the original source media server not the one in the datacenter and this defeats the purpose of the optimised dedupe copy (the link is 10Mb-too slow for this anyway and I'm not even sure an optimised dedupe will work properly). From the target media server hosting the dedupe device in the datacenter I can schedule an inventory for the dedupe device and enumerate the backup sets (CASO server might have enough info too), but there's no automated way to pick out the latest full backup for a server and put it on tape.  The only way I've found is to manually find the backup set and right click and select "Duplicate". 

Does any one out there know a way to give our client what they want?  Or are they asking too much?

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You use CASO/ESO and you configure the jobs on the CASO server with each stage of the job to run in the correct place - the CASO will then send the jobs to whichever server is defined as running the job.

Oh and for the duplicate to taope phase you have to have defined the server owning the tape devcie as a Cloud server - which means Backup Exec 2010 R3 (with latest updates) or Backup Exec 2012 is needed

EDIT: privatre cloud deployment guide (for BE 2010 R3) available here

If looking at your own internal WAN environment instead of a MSP setup then think of any VPN references in that document as just your internal WAN link. 

BE 2012 will work in a similar way, just that CASO is now part of ESO and job configuration and cloud settings will be in different locations due to the console changes.