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Disk full with 2kb .bfk files

Created: 29 Aug 2013 • Updated: 02 Oct 2013 | 4 comments
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Using BEX 2010 R3, doing a B2D job managed to create about 6500 .bfk file which filled the disk as they were being created every 15 seconds.  Can these be deleted?  I've changed the media set that the B2D uses to 1 week OPP and none for Append.


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If the B2D job is set to overwrite and not append, you should also make sure the change below is made:

Tools --> Options --> Media Management --> Overwrite recyclable media in target media set before overwriting scratch media.

Those files probably don't have any data in them, so erase them out of BE.


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2kb BKF files are usually only created at the start of GRT enabled backup sets, and should then be automatcially moved to scratch media set for re-use afterwards as they are only an initialization file for when an IMG is created and then not needed afterwards. (Note: BKF files with other sizes usually contain backup data)

Whilst a job might create more than 1 2kb file (due to multiple GRT backup sets in one job) you should not see a large number getting created with one every 15 seconds.

As such you probably need to log a formal support case for us to analyze the cause.

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I've deleted the 6121 2kb files and none have been created since.

Now I have 403 B2Dxxxxxx.bkf files in the device are as media labels.  They were created on a particular date.  Can these be erased?

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...can't tell you whether or not to do that Jon. The reason for that is because those bkf files might actually contain data you need.

You have to verify that the data is no longer needed on those files, and then either let BE expire the files, or manually erase them.


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