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Display client version in EndPoint manager

Created: 03 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 17 comments

I need to know if there is a way to list the versions of Endpoint installed on the managed clients in EndPoint Manager.  There was a way to do this in earlier versions.  Thus far, I can only find a way to right click on an individual managed client and display the properties.  I would prefer one list that shows me all the clients and the version installed on them.  Thanks.

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there are several ways to do this...
1. For a pretty picture: Reports, Quick Reports
Report Type: Computer Status
Select a Report: Symantec Endpoint Protection Product Versions
2. For a list of clients and their versions: Monitors, Logs
Log Type: Computer Status
View Log
Click Export (top left) and you will get a CSV of all your clients that have checked in in the last 24 hours and all their details

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
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Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, neither of these really works for me.  The report give me a pie graph of the percentage of clients with version "x" or "y" but doesn't list all the clients with installed version.  The monitor does not give me software version rather definition version.  Is there anyway to get a straight list of all the clients and the version of software installed?

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once you had the monitors query up, did you click Export?

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
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Exporting the report to a csv file worked.  I wish it was possible to view client version on the client management page.  Anyway, thanks for your help.

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I have to throw my agreement in on this one.

I find it a glaring oversight that there is no way of seeing a quick overview of client product versions in the Reports or Monitoring pages.

This should be fixed.

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I am in total agreement.  I need to be able to look at a glance to see what version of the client a machine is running as well as current defintions.  This was easy in the last version and it should be added to this version as well.  The fact that I have to run a log and export it is bad enough.  But when the export won't even LET me choose CSV as an option?  That's just worthless.  Paul, I've been reading these forums since I got SEP 11, and I know you have been a huge help in getting bugs fixed and features added.  Please consider adding this feature to bring back some functionality.  I think it'd be a great idea to add this to the "Clients" tab under the "Clients" page.  So that when I expand a group, I can see all the clients in that group and their current AV level and SEP version.  Thanks for your help!


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No reason to have to jump through hoops to get something this fundamental.
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I fully agree with Jim..........  the version of the client software and also the definition date is very essential information for administrators. These items should be directly visible in the Clients overview as in previous versions. Hopefully this will be taken into account in the next build
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same for the localisation context, how to simply know that information
and second point, how to quickly get a computer traffic log ? in Sygatev4 it was 2 clics .. in SEPV11, it is really complex to get just that information :( ( RFE : from the client panel, just right click and get " traffic/packet/log" .. it would be really nice!)

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Just had a request to find the client info out on about 2000 comps, yes it is a pain to have to do it the way Paul suggested, but thanks to Paul for providing the work around.
Also "bump" for the suggestion to add it in as a better function.
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If you want to add this as a feature request, your best bet for getting it noticed is to file a support case.
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I concur, this should be added as a basic report, with all information included.

A good feature would be the ability to Schedule Log reports.  I haven't seen a way to schedule these from the Console.

What I might do, if this option is not added is create a schedules report from the SQL server that will send me an aggregated report of whatever information is stored in the SEPM database.

Any other solutions for this issue that people have come up with?

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Hopefully there is a way to see this information in the Clients section in MR2?  Please?!?  :smileyhappy:
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The current client window is next to completely useless. It needs to have the following:

1) Instead of having mutiple pages there needs to be an option to display ALL the clients on one page (Like SAV Corp). Using the darn next page button is so annoying. I need to be able to sort alphabetically, etc. all in ONE view. For instance I want to sort all the computer names... it is useless to only be able to sort the ones availble on page 1 or page 2... get the point?
2) We need to be able to see "Client Version", "Last check in time", "Definition Version", "Logged in user", and "IP" at a bare minimum. I do not want to drill into some useless reports and do exessive clicking and exporting to see this information. This should all be readily availble in one view from within the admin gui. I should NOT have to export to csv and open in some other product to see this.

Can someone please provide us with a feature request link or tell us how to get this info to the right people who can add this in? If it is posted here we can all make these requests and make our voice heard.

Thank you,


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This is a great post that should not be over looked! Please everyone post your .02!


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The two best official ways to get a feature request heard are:
1)  File a support case for your request.  Feature requests are kept track of, compiled, and forwarded on.
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While not elegant, I put together this script which runs through a startup GPO.  If the system already has the latest version no output file is generated.  That way I can pinpoint exactly who needs the updated client.  The GPO and the user's system do all the work.

As MR1 and MR2 came out, I only had to revise the script to reflect the new registry entry.

Hope this helps!

@echo off
REM Check for existense of latest Endpoint client.  Assumes version 11.0.2000.1567.
REM The following line returns a 0 if the key is found and a 1 if it is not found.
REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\13CB2B6769D20714C944901EB355553F"
goto end
) ELSE (
REM Insert your desired path for the output file.  Left alone, this file is going to nowhere useful.
echo %computername% > %computername%.txt

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