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Disposed Asset parameters via Connector Rule

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

I am creating a connector import/update rule that uses a data-source of a SQL query that grabs all Assets in the status of disposed.

I then have a rule that sets various data-classes and associations. I'll attach a screen shot of the rule if I can.

Anyhow I am able to do almost everything I need it to do with the exception of the reverse association.  I can clear the Asset-->Asset association, but not the reverse.  I have it set to clear but nothing happens.

Has anyone done this?  Am I going to have to put together a source that grabs assets that are associated to assets that are in a status of disposed and remove the association from that asset?  Just kind of thinking out loud here.

The goal is to make it so our team that disposes assets only needs to mark them disposed and a rule will handle the rest for consistency.



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The screenshot has the informational line at the top that says that the 1 row returned by your data source was updated. However the way you have it set up the status is being updated. So you will have to look at the log to see what updates were made. Click on the view log link in the informational line and it will give a better idea of what happened.

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I already know what updates were done.  It did everything but remove the reverse association.  No error on that either.

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