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Distribute windows xp image on Inbuild Windows 7 OS

Created: 06 Nov 2011 • Updated: 04 Jan 2012 | 11 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


We purchase HP Compaq 6200 desktop which having inbuild Windows 7 Operationg System.

Out of this HP Compaq 6200 desktop on one machine we install Windows XP Operating system and installed all Standard Software and takes the image Successfully.

Now this image we want to distribute on remaining HP Compaq 6200 desktop which they having inbuild Windows 7.

What are the procedure for that.

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1. Windows 7 consists of two partitions. So ideally you should delete these partitions and create a new partition before deploying your XP image.  Do your machines have maintenance or recovery partitions as well? You need to ensure that the partitions on both source and target machines are the same otherwise you will need to edit the hidden boot.ini file on your XP machine to correctly reflect the partition numbering.

2. Have you used a volume license edition of XP?  

3. Did you run sysprep before creating the XP image?

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1)Yes in Windows 7 our machines having recovery partitions as well.

2) Yes we having common volume license for windows xp

3) no not yet tried sysprep

Best Regards

Vikas Jagtap

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When we going to deploy image we receive below error

We trying to boot client computer using PXE

PXE-E53 : No boot filename received

PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE Rom.

Best Regards

Vikas Jagtap

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Have you created your boot images from within the console as of yet? If you have make sure that the images are present @

.\Deployment\Task Handler\sbs\images\

You should see the boot image you created here.. if you do not then update your client configuration.

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As JMP51483 mentioned PXE-E53 error could be because of PXE image not yet created at NS or SiteServers. Check location - \\localhost\Deployment\Task Handler\SBS\Images\ if the PXE image exists.

If following assumptions in your setup are satisfied then nothing much is left for successful WinXP image Deployment:

1.      Create image is done after doing Prepare for Image Capture [A disk image]

2.      All drivers (NIC/Storage/Display/Other PCI) to support HP Compaq 6200 desktop are already added using Driver Database Management

3.      If Site Server has been used then created Win XP image and added HP drivers are replicated to Site Servers

4.      If PXE Preboot environment is in use then its working properly till the connectivity with NS

5.      License added

6.      Make sure Deploy image would be a complete disk deployment rather specific partition deployment [let us know if you want specific/one partition deployment and not complete disk]

After all above is satisfied then to deploy Win XP image on HP Compaq 6200 desktop which has Win 7; create a Job of Deploy image with

1.      Reboot to PXE [Unknown or Predefined method can be used here] / Automation [For managed clients]

2.      Deploy image [Select the created WinXP image]

a.       Select Product Key/License

b.      Select DeployAnywhere [It will pick the correct drivers if added to Driver database]

c.       Select Sysprep Configuration

d.      Give domain credentials [required only if using inventory data for Sysprep and earlier managed client was in domain]

3.      Reboot to Production

Try this on one client ans if all good then can try it on multiple clients simultaneously [Multicast will be very helpful here] .

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As we inform HP Compaq 6200 model having inbuild windows 7 and recovery partition in C drive programme files and D drive recovery partition

We deployed same model Windows XP image but image gets deployed but reboot to production gets failed

If we check through command prompt in C drive it showing proper windows XP programme files and D drive as well

Best Regards

Vikas Jagtap

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Hi Vikas,

Please confirm if you also want to retain "D" drive and if not than try this:

1. Boot the client computer in Preboot environment

2. Run x:\fdsik /mbr

3. Deploy the image and boot to production

By the way looks like another same issue posted by you is so I put same comment there also :)


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Run x:\fdisk /mbr command not running

it showing 'fdisk' is not recongnized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

Best Regards

Vikas Jagtap

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Sorry Vikas. It was my fault x:\fdisk is supported only for WinPE Preboot image created with DOS. Here you will have to use "gdisk32.exe disk /mbr".

1. Mount the NS share \\ns\deployment\task handler\ghost

2. run gdisk32.exe 1 /mbr [where 1 is disk number]

But before this please confirm that after successful image deploy and reboot to production what do you see. if this is hardware message than problem could be unsupported MSD driver for WinXP also. Thanks.

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You could see the blue screen after production boot wher process stops during the initial hardware detection with technical information shows:

***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xf78d2524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

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Its not any drivers problem

In my scenario the image gets deployed but after booting in production it was getting failed.

There is related to BIOS SATA Emulation setting I change that from AHCI to IDE Mode and my image deployment problem on inbuild HP Compaq 6200 desktop which having inbuild Window 7 and recover partition gets resolve quickly.

On I selected two task

1) Deploy Image (Deployanywhere option should be tick)

2) Reboot to production

Best Regards

Vikas Jagtap