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.dll hell

Created: 25 Mar 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 9 comments

I've had to uninstall SEP11 from both server and workstation.  I first ran the uninstall then went through the manual uninstalls for both Vista and server 2003 on their respective pc's.  Now when you right-click on the start button to bring up the Explorer the following error comes up "VpShellRes.dll could not be found", several times before actually popping up the menu.

I've double checked on the manual uninstall and don't see where that has anything to do with it unless some weird registry hoodoo has happened.  Anyone run into this or have a suggestion how to fix this?  It's rather annoying!


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If you just got this after the uninstall, then try reinstalling sepm on the computer that's giving you the problem.  there may have been a problem with the uninstall.  After reinstalling it, uninstall it again and hopefully this will eliminate the problem.
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Well it re-installed then when I went to uninstall it this is what comes up "The windows installer service could not be accessed.  This can occur if the windows installer is not correctly installed."

Dude!  I haven't touched the installer!!!  Checked in registry and all looks proper in regards to the installer......

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We've been observing this problem quite often.  The early version of SEP does not uninstall (or function) properly.  Install the updated version over the bad (uninstall) and then you can extract this from your machine.
Then go download NOD32 and wave by to Symantec.
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I have the same problem with a laptop here in our network.  I no longer have easy access to the Endpoint Protection setup/installer.  I would have to obtain the setup/installer off one of our backup tapes.   Is that my best recourse?

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Useing LTO2?


my restores take like 5 min or less for 100 meg.

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I had this problem, its actually REALLY easy to fix. Go to START>RUN (or search)  then enter "regedit.exe" and hit ENTER. Go to EDIT>FIND or Ctrl+F and type in "vpshell" and hit ENTER again. Delete the first one that comes up - press F3 and delete the next few > Continue this process until your problem is gone.

All the error is saying is that windows is trying to find that .dll but cant find it. The reason its trying to find it in the first place is in the registry. Since everybody's computer is different and there's a hell of alot of symantec products, I couldnt be bothered listing the exact specs. Thanks - hope this helps (or at least saves you hours of looking for another version to install only to uninstall).

All thanks is appreciated at {removed email address to reduce spam}

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Was getting this error message whenever I right-clicked on files.
Your solution worked like a charm, many thanks.

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Got this error..and by following the steps server is now clear up. This forum should be placed in answered already.


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Got this error..and by following the steps server is now clear up. This forum should be placed in answered already.