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DLO 7.0: Backup - C:\Users\sealmt\Documents\Outlook Files\2012.pst FAILED to copy to the desktop user data folder. General failure -

Created: 27 Mar 2013 | 7 comments

In DLO 7.0 Console, Jon History report this error for a DLO user:

Backup - C:\Users\sealmt\Documents\Outlook Files\2012.pst FAILED to copy to the desktop user data folder. General failure    -

For some other DLO users it works fine.



Operating Systems:

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Are you backing up .psts for other users as well ?

Ideally for .pst backups, ensure the MAPI based method is not used & only VSS method is used. For the pst backup selection, keep atleast 1 revision for both DUDF & NUDF & enable delta file transfer as well.

Is there any difference for this user from other users such as OS version, bit version, Outlook version etc ?

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I am having the same general failure:


I hope that is readable.  All different files types in different directories come up with the same General Failure.  It seems to be random. I cannot find any commonality between the files that fail.

Also, when DLO is interupted (in a current job and user shuts down up to go home), and then is restarted the next day, DLO shows that all files are protected when a quick look at the file stucure on the Local User Data Folder shows that that is not the case (comparing to backup selections list).  Much later in the day DLO picks up again and begins to populate those missing files in a job.

What is happening in this process and how does DLO handle it?

Also, DLO seems to copy one file to the Local User Data folder and then it copies that same file to the network, while all other files are in a Pending Local state.  My previous experience has been that multiple files are copied to the LUDF at the same time and then uploaded to the NUDF.

Again, What is DLOs process here?  How is it supposed to work?  How do I address this issue?

Note: Users are on a default profile schedule from the server and backups are set to "Whenever a file changes"
  Running DLO v7 on Windows 7 Professional x64 Client OS
  Users running Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate x64 OS

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Is Delta File Transfer enabled for the .pst backup selection ?

Lastly, would you delete the .settings file on one affected DLO client and retry the backup. Enable client side verbose debugging as well & pls post the output.

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Depending upon client OS ~

On Windows 7 and higher: C:\Users\ userName \AppData\Local\Symantec\ DLO \ .settings 

On XP: C:\Documents and Settings\ userName \Local Settings\Application Data\Symantec\DLO\.settings

You will have to first close the DLO Desktop Agent console before deleting this file.

Debugging can be enabled by following this KB -

Enable debugging only on the client machine.

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Deleting the .settings works on one PC where PST file backup allways aborted after 7% of backup.

We will try this on other computers where other files type have the same issue.