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DLO 7.0 feature doubts

Created: 08 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi, I have just started learning about some DLO technical features.

I would really appreciate if you can answer some of my doubts refered to Desktop and Laptop software:

-Does DLO require domain arquitecture for backups? In case of having clients out of the domain, how can I backup their machines?

-Can we configure different admin users over DLO console? What levels or type of actions/control can they have? (full and limited admin)

-Is possible to backup a user with the agent, that turn on his machine but has not signed into his Windows account? by schedule?

-In case of critical information, is possible that a user has full control of his backups and restores, without admin or other users seeing this info?

-Are there some user restrictions or limits on agents to consider during the implementation?

Hope can someone help me.

Thanks a lot for your time...

Best regards.

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To answer some questions:

1. Yes, you need a domain infrastructure in order to authenticate users against. It won't work in a workgroup. You can look at backing up clients NOT in a domain using Backup Exec (if you have BE in your environment). Depending on the OS you use, you may/may not need a Remote Agent installed. Add in the IP address of the remote server not on the domain and select what you want backed up.

2. You should be able to have different admin users...check the DLO 7 Admin Guide around this.

3. Nope, never seen WOL (Wake On LAN) functionality at all in DLO. If the user's workstation is off the backup will run when it gets turned on by the user. Unless your workstations have WOL functionality and you can trigger this outside of DLO.

4. Yes, check the Admin Guide again, but the user would be able to restore their data. You need to configure accordingly.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thank you CraigV.

I'll take a deep look into the Admin Guide.

Your answers are very useful.

Have a great day!