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DLO 7.5 Error V-138-52224-20040

Created: 16 Jan 2013 | 7 comments

I have a test environment with DLO 7.5 there are 67 users on the testing server.  Most of the users are working fine, however there are 10 that are getting this error message a lot V-138-52224-2004 "Failed to copy to the desktop user data folder.  Dedupe engine offline.".  I could not find any documentation on what this error is.  What is this error, and how do get these users backing up properly?

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These issues occur when

·         There is a network connection failure between the agent and the dedupe server.

·         The user backing up the data may not have sufficient privileges to write data to the chunk store.

Could you please verify the above?

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None of the users have rights to the dedup storage location.  Most of the users work without having rights to the dedup area.  In the DLO Admin Guide for 7.5 on page 129, it explains why the users do not need rights to this area.

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I've also experienced this for 1 user out of the 10 I've tested with dedupe.  9000+ errors every 7 minutes, all linked to a non-existent web site

Switching the profile back to one without dedupe active fixes the backups, but would like to know how to get this fixed before I start rolling out the dedupe feature to everyone.

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The reason might be agent is unable to communicate to the dedupe server, so please type the following URLs in your browser on agent machine where issue seen.

If the Dedupe Server is active, then the following message is displayed: Dedupe Server Status: (20159) Active.

If there is no response from Dedupe Server, then it indicates that the Dedupe Server is not initialized, and one of the reasons could be that the database connection is down.

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That may be an issue.  I cannot access the Dedupe server by name or IP addess in this way.  I know the dedupe server is running since I see space being used on the Dedupe storage area, so something is wrong.

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Can you please check all the firewall ports have been added properly, if you enabled firewall in your environment.To know what all ports need to be enabled, refer page no 143 in SDLO Admin guide 7.5 under section “Symantec DLO Firewall Ports”.

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The Fix for us was to enable "Log information messages for backup".  In the profile, on the "Options" tab, make sure that this is enabled.