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Created: 12 Jun 2013 | 12 comments


I'm having a problem with DLO on windows 8, sudenly it stops working after a few days.

the error is: the database server name is not specified in the registry

But, if i start as admin all works.

my account is also local admin of the computer, so i cannot understand why this is happening and why this stops working after a few days.

This is just happening on windows 8, windows 7 is ok.

i have been in multiple sites, check all config files and registry settings.... all ok! :(

please help.....

Server: windows 2008 R2 / DLO 7.5

Computer: windows 8 pro / DLO Agent



Operating Systems:

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Uninstall DLO agent and do a clean install using the Setup.exe

V-139-52224-990 - The database server name is not specified in the registry - Failed to load configuration settings.
Article:TECH70629  |  Created: 2009-01-15  |  Updated: 2012-02-09  | 

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Check the TN below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hi, thanks for the anwser

i did that multiple times, and works for a while, but then after a few days it stops again.. :(

I installed thru setup.exe, setup.ini as all the configurations ok....

this is a temporary solution, but not the complete solution.....



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We are currently seeing this issue on our W8 clients.

You havent find a solution to it yet? :)

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No, the problem still persists :(

I can see that it works for a few days, but then stops again, maybe after a windows uodate or something similar... this is causing a big problem since we are installing windows 8 on many computers.....

I will do some more tests today and see if i can get some results.........

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Same for us for W8 clients. Solution would be very much appreciated. We cannot reinstall DLO every week.

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Is UAC enabled on these systems ?

Would recommend to install SP1 for SDLO 7.5. If SP1 is not an option right now, either disable UAC or right-click the DLO Agent exe...choose Properties and then the Compatibility tab. And then enable the option "Run as administrator" and observe if this error reoccurs or not.

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Disabling UAC didn't solve the problem. If I "Run as administrator" then works however this requires manual start every time.

Still waiting for a solution...

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Was the machine rebooted after disabling UAC as if the machine wasn't rebooted, then UAC isn't actually disabled. (And if run as admin works, it is mostly UAC preventing it, else if not, the user does not seem to have to enough rights to DLO)

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I completely uninstalled DLO, turned off UAC, restarting the PC, installing DLO (With my domain admin account). At first startup it went smoothly. It didn't start up automatically but at manual start I got again the same error (The database server name is not specified in the registry). UAC is still turned off. If I start "As Administrator" it runs fine without any errors.

Best regards,

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If Run as Administrator works, then some security setting is either restricting access to the registry (especially the Symantec DLO registry key and sub-keys)  or to the DLO server or the NUDF or to the Scheduled Tasks directory. Do verify if this user has full permissions or not.

Lastly, if all permissions are appropriate, consider upgrading to SP1. (As one particular instance of this error was resolved in SP1)

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Looks like the SP1 resolved my problem.

Thank you! Best regards,