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DLO agent backed up files

Created: 26 Jul 2010 | 1 comment

I am trying to restore a file from a DLO agent backed up files of a user's folder without much success as the user has left and deleted off the AD. Is there a way get the data ouf of the file without restoring it?

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here is the information on doing an emergency restore command.
Basically, you run the command on the DLO Server. It is easiest to restore the files to the Server itself and then just move them over.
Here is an example I used recently that worked:

dlocommandu -emergencyrestore "\\ashante\DLO Storage\ENTERPRISE-SMurphy2\.dlo" -W xxxxxxxx -AP C:\Temp\restored

ashante is my DLO Server hostname.
The rest of the path points to my files in the backup folder on the Server. Notice I have double quotation marks around the full path.
The x's are the pass phrase for the encryption key pass phrase.
The -AP means that I am specifying a restore path.
C:\Temp\restored is that path.

Give this a try and tell me what happens