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DLO Agent causes a pop-up with switch to, retry or cancel options

Created: 05 Jun 2012 | 6 comments


I am reviving a similar post ergarding this issue. This popup has been bothering our users. I've pinpointed this to DLO because as soon as I turn off the agent, the popup goes away. It has been happening on all the client PC's installed with DLO, and has become an annoyance to them - prompting them to find ways to turn off the agent. Most PC's can get 3-5 popups a day, but for some it could go beyond 20 times!

PCs common configuration: Windows XP/7, SEP v11 r2-7, SBE Desktop Agent v3.x, Office 2003/2007, Lync2010

Note: Issue is not limited to a specific config



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NeerThadarai's picture

Hi Trev,

Could you provide some more information about the POP-UPs that your users are getting. May be a screenshot would help. Also provide the version of the DLO that you are using.

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I've the same problem on my DLO installation, Th popup ask to switch to application or cancel.

Configuration : DLO V7.0 XP/SP3

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HI euro,

Do you have the screenshot of the pop-up that you are getting? Can you share the screenshot?

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We're having the same problem. Has anybody else that's had this issue seen any authentication problems against the storage location? SQL?

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 Hi NeerThadarai,

Just reviving this thread for the benefit of all others being affected by this issue. Please see screenshots as you've requested before (it's a pain uploading the images but it needs to be done presumably before any action is started on this issue).

Hope these images help.



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I found this problem to be related to Windows7 UAC. I disabled UAC via GPO for only computers running DLO. The switch to, retry popup is gone. I hope to see Symantec fix this issue. Looks like DLO client application is not UAC aware.