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DLO agent. How to disable option for deleted files

Created: 01 Nov 2012 | 2 comments


On the user end, in the DLO agent, we have a windows called Status. On the bottom of that window we have a small button called Details....

If an end user press that, he gets several option, among them one called Remove deleted files. If the user press that option, he simply has an option to deleted the deleted files from both the Network user data folder and the local. On the server, we are running a policy that the deleted files are preserved for around 30 or 60 days depending on which profile and slection we are talking about. But whats the point of that polcy if a user can simply navigate to this remove deleted file option and delete it all of it, disregarding the policy setup by the administrator?? How can i disable this option?? Need help thanks.

See attached file for a screenshot.

I am running Backup Exec 2010 R3 on a Windows 2003 R2 server. Need help, thanks.

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Unfortunately i dont believe that there is a way to disable that option indivually. The only way that i have found to disable is to completely deny the user the ability to see the desktop agent "Globally for the selected profile" this would also remove there ability to do anything else associated with the desktop agent. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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What will happen if i restrict the user by removing privileges to delete files on file level using the Windows Security. Would that help?