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DLO agent perfomance and monitoring

Created: 04 Apr 2011
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Hi All,

Recently I talked with a customer and he have doubts with the function of the Agent on BE 2010 R2 and the DLO agent, they use BE only to backup the Desktops and Laptops. These are doubts:

Normally when the user have great files (like pst), the system lost perfomance when the agent prepares the files for backup. He ask me how they can create a balance between the tasks of the agent and the production tasks of the customer.

When the user is instaled the system take the default profile if I make a new policy in the profile of the customer (without moving to another profile). How can I force the agent to read the profile and take the new policies? Now the only option that I found is disable, wait a couple minutes, then enable.

Finally: How can I monitoring the tasks that any client is doing, from the console?


Carlos Espinoza