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DLO Backups over Second Nic

Created: 31 May 2010 | 3 comments

Hi Everyone.
Is there a way to send DLO Backups over a Second Nic so they do not interfere with normal traffic.

Thanks a lot.

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I doubt if we have tested second NICs with DLO as it is designed to protect desktop workstations and laptops that would rarely have 2 NIC's installed.

However if you make the workstaions name resolve the DLO server over the IP address on the second network - then it is possible you could direct the traffic that way. Just bear in mind that you need to cover off
FQDN (e.g
Short DNS Name (e.g. computer)
and possibly NetBIos name (again computer)

So assuming you don't want to change your DNS/WINS servers (as this would affect other non workstaion comms to the same server) you could be looking at editing both hosts and lmhosts files to add the correct DLO server details in.

Could be worth testing on one machine

Note Any non DLO traffic to that server from the workstation will also go over the second network once you change name resolution so for this to work it should only really be the DLO server and not also a file and print server or an application server.

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Thanks for the reply!
I was referring to server communications only like in BE when you tell a backup job to go over other NIC.

The thing is this: I am migrating Backup Exec Servers and for the DLO part I have to move the network user data folder to the new location so when I move a small folder I have no problem but if a user has a Folder like 8+ Gb in size the server gets really really slow when doing the move process and most of the times it fails and this is really a small folder I have users with a 40 Gb size folders!

So if I was able to do this move folder process over the second NIC I wouldn't be harming the other traffic and maybe it would not crash

Any ideas?

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Well again because relocating users is kind of a one off operation we won't have tested dual NICs for that either. In this case use  hosts files to make the two servers name resolve each other over the IP addresses of the second network and then see what happens