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DLO Encrypted files and offsite backup

Created: 22 Nov 2010 | 2 comments

Hi All:

I use DLO 12.5 and encrypt the files on the backup disk. I also use 12.5 BackUp Exec to move those encrypted files onto offsite tape storage.

My question is if I will have any trouble restoring those encrypted DLO files off of tape if the DLO server is destroyed or ruined in a fire or other calamity.

I have the Recovery Password for DLO so I'm fine in that regard, my question is more whether or not compressing the encrypted DLO files will make them unreadable. I've read on some forums that packaging and compressing one backup into another makes the original file unreadable if they are encrypted. I assume the DLO encryption is made to be backed up into BackUp Exec backup files but I'd like to be sure.

Thanks for any insight!


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When you are backing up an encrypted file, you should not compress or encrypt it further.  Read my article below on the effect of compressing an encrypted file.

I would suggest that you test the restore of your DLO data from a BE backup and the restore of the DLO data back to the user's machine.