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DLO kerberos warnings, DLO/DEDUPE services will not be removed

Created: 21 Aug 2014 | 3 comments

Following thread discribes problem causing kerberos warnings in windows system logs:


  • What is the proper "Log On As" account which should be used with services related to SQL databases of  "*DLO*", "*DEDUPE*" and "*BKUPEXEC*" ?
  • After removind DLO completely, services "*DLO*" and "*DEDUPE*" are left on server. I can not remove them using SQL program itself, they do not appear on the list. Is there a way to remove them manually?
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Have a look @ this KB for your first query -

And for second query, I believe you should be able to delete the DLO services from HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\

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There are also "SQL Server Agent ..." services for *BKUPEXEC*", "*DLO*" and "*DEDUPE*", which are not mentioned in document. These seems to have "Network service" as "Log On As" account on my BE server.

Is it so that document is also missing "SQL Server (DEDUPE) ", which I believe is component of DLO?

I had all these three "SQL Server ..." services, "(BKUPEXEC)", "(DLO)" and "(DEDUPE)", set up to use "DOMAIN\Administrator", but this was the source of kerberos warnings. After I changed "Log On As" account with these to "LocalSystem", kerberos warnings disappeared (this was at time when I had DLO installed which I then later have removed).

So far I have changed startup type of SQL Server (DLO) and (DEDUPE) to manual so that they are not running anymore. I will keep in mind that registy location which, like you told, seems to have references to those service names.

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Right, the SQL server agent uses the network services account.

The DeDupe SQL instance also uses the same account as that of the DLO SQL instance.