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DLO - moving user data folder

Created: 07 Dec 2010 | 6 comments


Using Bexec 11d. I want to move all the DLO user data to a different server. I'd like to copy all the data at file level and then repoint all the users to the new location.

If I move the data and then use the "Move Network User Data Folder" option in DLO will Bexec try to then move the data or will it check that the data has already been moved?

Or is there another way to acheive this?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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CraigV's picture

Hi Keith,

Check the TN below...this should help you move the server and the DLO data.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

Keith Drop's picture

Hi Craig,

I probably didn't make myself very clear, it's just the data I want to move, this is currently stored on a file server that doesn't have Backup Exec installed.

The DLO media server will remain the same it's just the storage location I want to change and then make sure the users are pointing to the new storage location. I'm worried that if I copy the data in advance and then point the users to the new location using Move Network User Data that Backup Exec will then try and copy the data again itself.



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Hi Rahul,

Thanks for that technote. the only issue I see is that I would have to create an individual text file for each user and copy into their area - we have approx 500 DLO users so this would just be impractical.

Thanks Anyway.

sammy_perfect's picture

Hi Keith,

You can  try using this link for moving the user from your existing NUDF to new NUDF

(Note : When you mutiple user at same time it takes lot of time & end up in eating lot of bandwith so I would recommend you as you have 500 user try doing 10 at a time)

Thank You


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Keith Drop's picture

Thanks Sammy but I wanted to know how to manually copy files and repoint within DLO.

The current drive is SAN attached so I want to reattach to a different server so in affect there's no need to copy the files but I need DLO to look at the new storage location without trying to copy the files itself.